• Car painter, Adam Lusty, Morgan Motors, Malvern, UK by Richard Jones / Business Visual
  • Conrad Bisset of Pacific Gourmet for the Australian / BusinessVisual
  • Phil Ward, Bentley Motors, Crewe, UK BusinessVisual
  • Ms Valantin, for Le Point by Sam Sin/Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • Lloyds's Register inspector of Energy India by R.Jones/Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • Dr. A.B. Djurisic , winner Outstanding Research Award R.Jones / BusinessVisual
  • Margaretha Laseen,Cargo Manager, Cathay Pacific by Jones / BusinessVisual
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Environmental Portraits

Business Visual capture perfect environmental portraits. We will photgraph in your office  or on site.

We have experience photographing in factories, power stations, car plants, airports and container terminals.

Photographers carefully look for the best opportunities to capture the perfect portrait.

All photographers bring portable studio lighting for well lit portraits.

We have photographers based in the U.K. as well as the Asian cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, West China, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul though our partner Sinopix.


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