• Big Ben, Westminster, Central London ©Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • Singapore for Insight Guides ©Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • Canary Wharf, Central London ©Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • King's Cross, Central London ©Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • Chengdu for MTR, China ©Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • Hong Kong for HKP©Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • Shanghai for Business Traveller©Sinopix-BusinessVisual
  • Singapore ©Sinopix-BusinessVisual
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Business Visual photographers strive to capture the city environments and office locations in the best light and with their unique artistry.

We have shot in several cities across the U.K. and in Asia capturing unique aspects and also capturing the feeling of vibrancy and color that many cleints see.

We shoot, when-ever possible, at the perfect time of day.

We want to capture the essence of a city’s vibrancy through light and movement.

Movement of people, traffic and light shifts.



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